Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2010

Present:    Ray Gillen, Brad Lewis, Gary McCarthy, Bob Mantello, Patrick Saccocio, Bill Chapman, Janet Hutchison

Absent:    Neil Golub, Ed Capovani, Sharon Jordan and Bob Wall

Others:     Neil Levine (Counsel), Jayme Lahut, Jim Callander and audience of 2

Call to Order:  Mr. Gillen called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

1.      Approval of Minutes:  Mr. McCarthy moved adoption of the April 14, 2010 meeting minutes; seconded by Mrs. Hutchison and approved.  (Mr. Mantello was absent).

2.      Alco Redevelopment Project:  Resolution 639-10 — Accept Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement as Complete

Terresa Bakner, Authority Counsel, summarized the comments received at the public hearing on March 1 with respect to the DGEIS and other comments received by March 12, 2010. The FGEIS addresses the comments received and contains a responsiveness summary as well as an updated economic impact report.  Ms. Bakner explained that SEQRA requires a 10-day cooling off period between the acceptance of the FGEIS and the adoption of a Findings Statement, which is the final step in the environmental review process.  Mr. McCarthy moved Resolution 639-10; seconded by Mr. Saccocio. Discussion followed about soil contamination and the cost of remediation and about the poor and unsafe building conditions that impair preservation of structures. Resolution 639-10 was unanimously approved.

3.      Scotia McDonalds Project: Resolution 641-10 — SEQRA

The chairman negotiated a clean up plan for the vacant McDonalds restaurant at 25 Mohawk Avenue in Scotia, which involves demolition of the 3,800 sq. foot structure, remediation of subsurface contamination, and preparing the site for redevelopment. Metroplex will contribute up to $25,000 for the demolition and site clearing with McDonalds paying for costs incurred over and above $25,000 and site remediation.  Demolition is expected to be complete by June.  Resolution 641-10 classified the project as an Unlisted Action under SEQRA and determined there was no negative environmental impact.  There was no discussion. Mr. Lewis moved Resolution 641-10; seconded by Mr. Saccocio and unanimously approved.

4.   Scotia McDonald’s Project:  Resolution 642-10 — Adopt the General Project Plan

Mr. Gillen explained that redevelopment and reuse of the McDonald’s site was critical to revitalization activities in Scotia. The project remains a top priority for the County and Village.  Mr. Saccocio moved Resolution 642-10; seconded by Mr. Lewis.  Mrs. Hutchison supported the project but voiced concerns over the company’s reluctance to clean up the site in a timely manner. Resolution 642-10 was unanimously approved.

5.   Schenectady Museum / Science Center Grant:  Resolution 643-10 — Adopt the General Project Plan

The resolution authorized reimbursing the Schenectady Museum for study examining the feasibility for adaptive reuse of the Armory as a regional science center. The Museum retained BBL Construction, Re4orm Architecture and M/E Engineering to master plan the Armory and develop preliminary design concepts. The location and building appear viable and the Museum is working with New York State to lease the property. The project would also jump-start revitalization of lower State Street.  Mr. Chapman moved Resolution 643-10; seconded by Mr. Saccocio.  Following discussion, Resolution 643-10 was approved with 6 ayes and Mr. Lewis abstained.

6.   Public Comment:  None

7.  Board Comment:  Ray Gillen provided an update on the Schenectady Light Opera project and noted the recent announcements regarding the growth opportunities at Railex and Waste Management.

8.  Adjournment:   Mr. Lewis moved to adjourn; seconded by Mr. Mantello and the meeting adjourned at 6: 55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jayme B. Lahut
Executive Director