July 29, 2015

Present:             Ray Gillen, Bob Wall, Sharon Jordan, Brad Lewis, Bill Chapman, Robert Dieterich, Bob Mantello, Neil Golub and Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas

Absent:              John Mallozzi

Others:              Jayme Lahut, Jim Callander, David Hogenkamp and an audience of 10

Call to Order:    Mr. Gillen called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

1.       Approval of Minutes: Ms. Jordan moved adoption of the June 10, 2015 meeting minutes; seconded by Mrs. Zalewski-Wildzunas and approved.

2.       Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Wall reviewed the Treasurer’s Report for the period ending June 30, 2015, which was distributed prior to the meeting. He stated that revenues were close to budget and operating and predevelopment expenses were below budget. Cash on hand totaled $6.17 million. Following brief discussion, Mr. Golub moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Mr. Dieterich and approved.

3.       Robinson Block Redevelopment Project: Resolution 978-15 —Amend the General Project Plan

Resolution 978-15 allocated $516,600 for building cleanout, asbestos abatement, air monitoring, design fees and related work associated with prepping the site for demolition of three structures. The developers have secured firm pricing. Mrs. Zalewski-Wildzunas moved Resolution 978-15; seconded by Mr. Lewis. After discussion, Resolution 978-15 was approved.

4.       Property Conveyance to Amtrak Corporation at 320 Liberty Street (State and Erie Parking Lot): Resolution 979-15 — Convey Real Property

The Board previously authorized selling about 2,400 square feet of land needed for the new Amtrak Station. Resolution 979-15 made certain determinations for the conveyance that is required under Authority policy. Mr. Chapman moved Resolution 979-15; seconded by Mr. Mantello. After discussion, Resolution 979-15 was approved.

5.       Amtrak Station Project: Resolution 980-15 —  Enter into Agreements with NYS Department of Transportation and Other Parties

Resolution 980-15 provided NYS DOT and Amtrak with the necessary authorizations from Metroplex to move forward with the new station project. The resolution consented to an access agreement facilitating construction of the station; a license for sidewalk replacement on the property line of the Wall Street building and the parking lot; and a Betterment Agreement with NYS DOT for use of federal funds to redesign and reconstruct the entire State /Erie parking lot with Metroplex’s participation of $48,000.  Mr. Lewis moved Resolution 980-15; seconded by Ms. Jordan. Following discussion, Resolution 980-15 was approved.

6.       Union Street Project: Resolution 981-15 — Amend the General Project Plan

Resolution 981-15 amended the General Project Plan by appropriating an additional $50,000 for repainting the railroad bridge on Union Street near Erie Blvd that compliments the streetscape project already underway. Ms. Jordan moved Resolution 981-15; seconded by Mr. Chapman and approved.

7.       Union Street Project: Resolution 982-15 — Application for Grant Funding

Resolution 982-15 authorized Metroplex to apply to the Urban Center/Commercial District Revitalization program through National Grid in support of the street improvement project on Union Street.  Resolution 982-15 was moved by Mr. Mantello; seconded by Mr. Lewis.  Following updates about the progress on the project, Resolution 982-15 was approved.

8.       2013 Parking Infrastructure Improvements (Broadway Garage Phase 2) Project: Resolution 983-15 — Amend the General Project Plan 

Resolution 983-15 amended the 2013 General Project Plan that allocated $2,000,000 in bond proceeds for improvements to Metroplex parking facilities. Phase one of repairs involved roof membrane repairs to prevent water infiltration, among other things. Resolution 983-15 authorized Phase 2 that included purchasing and installing a commercial-grade standby generator and associated electrical and life/safety upgrades.  Resolution 983-15 was moved by Ms. Jordan; seconded by Mrs. Zalewski-Wildzunas.

Public Comment: Diane Hart, Niskayuna resident, commented on preserving the façade of 237 State Street. Greg Shalvaties, Scotia resident, provided various concepts on public transportation at the Mohawk Harbor site.  Rich Fisher, Niskayuna resident, commented on efforts to incorporate Schenectady history into the Mohawk Harbor and the casino site.

Board Comment: Mr. Gillen updated the Board on the $17 million of planned investment in the Hamilton Hill neighborhood including new mixed-use development and the Library/Literacy Center.  Mr. Gillen thanked Ms. Jordan for her work on these projects.

Adjournment: Mr. Lewis moved to adjourn, seconded by Ms. Zalewski-Wildzunas. The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jayme B. Lahut
Executive Director