March 8, 2017

Present: Ray Gillen, Brad Lewis, Sharon Jordan, Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas, Neil Golub, Nancy Casso, and Robert Dieterich

Absent: John Mallozzi, Todd Edwards, Bob Mantello and Paul Webster

Others: Jayme Lahut, Jim Callander, David Hogenkamp and one member of the public

Call to Order:  Mr. Gillen called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes:

A motion to approve the minutes of the February 15, 2017 meeting was made by Ms. Jordan; seconded by Mr. Golub and approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report: 

Mrs. Zalewski-Wildzunas provided a summary of the Authority’s financial activity through the end of February. Cash on hand was $3.27 million.  Mr. Lewis moved the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Mr. Dieterich and approved.

3. Environment One Corporation Expansion Project: Resolution 1116-17 — SEQR

The Authority undertook an environmental review and classified the project as an Unlisted Action with the determination that the project will not result in any adverse environmental impacts. The project involved construction of a 40,000 square foot building and site improvements for the expansion of a new product line. Mr. Golub moved Resolution 1116-17; seconded by Mr. Lewis and approved.

4. Environment One Corporation Expansion Project: Resolution 1117-17 — Adopt the General Project Plan

Resolution 1117-17 approved Metroplex’s participation in the project that included an exemption from sales taxes and a real property tax exemption. The project will create 80 new jobs. Mr. Lewis moved Resolution 1117-17; seconded by Mr. Dieterich and approved.

5. Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corporation (DSIC): Resolution 1118-17 — Adopt the General Project Plan

The DSIC applied for a $175,000 grant to supplement its on-going, daily downtown cleanup program. An additional $14,000 is targeted to maintenance and upkeep of Gateway Plaza that will be reconstructed this summer. Ms. Jordan moved Resolution 1118-17; seconded by Mrs. Zalewski-Wildzunas and approved following discussion.

6. Lower State Street Sidewalk Project: Resolution 1119-17— Award Contract

Resolution 1119-17 awarded a $334,777 contract to Callanan Industries as low-bidder for replacement of sidewalks, curbs, and streetlights on the north side of State Street from S. Church Street to Washington Avenue. The project finishes the original 2014 work. Mrs. Zalewski-Wildzunas moved Resolution 1119-17; seconded by Ms. Jordan. Following discussion, it was approved.

7. Five-Year Capital Plan: Resolution 1120-17 — Adopt 2017-2021 Plan

Resolution 1120-17 adopts the 2017-2021 Capital Projects Plan that the Governance Committee assembled. A public hearing to accept comments on the Plan was held February 28, 2017. No written or oral comments were received. Chairman Gillen will present the Plan to the County Legislature. Mrs. Zalewski-Wildzunas moved; seconded by Ms. Jordan and approved.

8. Accounting Service Contract: Resolution 1121-17 — Robert L. Kristel, CPA

Resolution 1121-17 awarded a one year contract with Robert L. Kristel, CPA for on-call accounting services, preparation of quarterly reports and other accounting services. The contract has held steady at $51,000 for several years. Mrs. Zalewski-Wildzunas moved Resolution 1121-17; seconded by Mr. Golub and approved.

9. Policy Compliance: The Authority is required annually to consider and readopt its mission statement and performance measures as well as many of its written policies. There was no objection to Ms. Jordan motion to adopt the resolutions related to policy compliance as one approval; seconded by Mr. Golub. The following resolutions and policies were approved:

Resolution 1122-17: Adopt Mission Statement and 2016 Report

Resolution 1123-17: Reauthorize Investment Policy and Adopt 2016 Report

Resolution 1124-17: Reauthorize Real Property Disposition Policy; Adopt 2016 Report

Resolution 1125-17: Reauthorize Procurement Guidelines

Resolution 1126-17: Authorize M/WBE Master Goal Plan

Resolution 1127-17: Reauthorize Guidelines for Sale and Reporting of Bonds and Notes

Annual Meeting: Resolution 1128-17 — Election of Officers

Mr. Golub moved Resolution 1128-17; seconded by Mrs. Casso and approved.

Public Comment: Jim Salengo, Executive Director of the DSIC thanked the board for its financial support and summarized recent activities.

Executive Session: Mr. Lewis made a motion to confer in executive session to discuss a real estate matter; seconded by Mrs. Zalewski-Wildzunas. The Board entered executive session at 6:15 p.m. and returned to public session at 6:30 p.m.

Adjournment: Ms. Jordan moved to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Lewis. The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jayme B. Lahut
Executive Director