City Planning Commission Approves New Developments in Schenectady

January 20, 2022

Last night (Wednesday, January 19) was a busy night at the City Planning Commission meeting held at City Hall.  The Commission approved numerous projects that will keep the development momentum moving forward in Schenectady including:

  • 15 new single-family homes to be built on Barrett Street by “Live In” Schenectady investors
  • New $8 million, 24-apartment development on lower State Street
  • New 4,000 square foot addition to Chas. G. Burch Supply Company on Albany Street
  • New 10,000 square foot warehouse on Edison Avenue replacing a vacant distressed building
  • $15 million residential development (two new buildings) on Crane Street

The Metroplex Board also met last night and approved a $75,000 grant toward costs for a 600-foot public dock to be built at Mohawk Harbor allowing larger boats to tie up and visit Schenectady and provide local residents with better access to the riverfront.

Metroplex is pleased to be involved with all of these projects and we thank the investors and the Planning Commission for moving these developments forward.

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