Development in Schenectady is surging: Here’s a look at upcoming projects

October 28, 2022

BY PETE DEMOLA, The Times Union

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — The long-running joke in downtown Schenectady used to be that pedestrians didn’t need to look both ways before crossing State Street because they had no chance of getting whacked by a car.

By the 1990s, downtown was a hollowed-out shell. Now building on the efforts of decades of strategic investment, multiple projects poised to further fill in downtown dead spots are nearing completion, including apartment buildings, restaurants and medical offices.

Tenants are expected to start moving into a new 61-unit complex at the corner of State and Clinton streets next week. Construction on the $15 million, four-story building at 501 State St. has been two years in the making, part of Redburn Development Partners’ efforts to revitalize the neighborhood.

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