Metroplex Approves Demolition Contract

October 13, 2006

Schenectady, N.Y., October 13, 2006 — The Metroplex Board of Directors has approved a contract worth $179,400 to Jackson Demolition, based in Schenectady, to take down an empty warehouse building located behind State Street. Jackson was the low bidder for the contract which was competitively awarded by Metroplex consistent with its procurement regulations.

“The warehouse has been empty for many years,” said Ray Gillen, Chair of Metroplex. “By taking it down, we open up the back of State Street creating a much safer, brighter, more accessible downtown.”

Demolition work should be completed within two months. The project creates a new entrance to the Center City building, which Metroplex is trying to sell and put back on the tax rolls. It will also create new rear entrance spaces for all of the businesses on the north side of State Street.

“This project is another step forward in cleaning up and improving the appearance of downtown,” Gillen said.

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