Metroplex Board Approves Adding Fifteen Cameras to Downtown Wireless System

November 21, 2006

Schenectady, N.Y., November 21, 2006 — The Metroplex Board of Directors has approved plans to add fifteen wireless cameras to Downtown Schenectady’s wireless network.

“Downtown Schenectady is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. By adding fifteen wireless cameras we will ensure that as downtown grows and becomes busier, it remains a safe place for people to work, live and enjoy themselves,” said Gary Hughes, Chair of the County Legislature’s Committee on Economic Development.

The wireless network is currently operational and it features one hour of free internet access to visitors, customers, employees and small business owners in downtown Schenectady. The wireless network also provides free information on almost 100 downtown attractions, eateries, clubs and hotels with direct links to other internet sites for those seeking show schedules, dinner reservations or other information. This network will grow as more downtown attractions are added in the months ahead.

Metroplex last year awarded a contract to build and manage the wireless network to Logical Net.

The add-on of fifteen wireless cameras will be funded by using a State grant that was awarded to Metroplex last year to support development of the downtown wireless system. Logical Net will handle installation of the wireless cameras. The cameras will be operational within the next six months. The new cameras with pan, tilt and zoom features cover a broad area. The digital feed from each camera is archived and can be made available over a secure web connection. The cameras are portable and will be moved periodically.

The new downtown cameras will be compatible with wireless cameras installed by the District Attorney’s office using another State grant. Both the wireless network and the security cameras can be expanded to include additional parts of Schenectady County.

Metroplex Chair Ray Gillen said, “We will utilize these cameras to bring an added level of security and safety to our fast growing downtown. This is another step forward in the rapid revitalization of downtown Schenectady.”

The wireless network stretches from Nott Terrace to Erie Boulevard and from Union Street to Broadway. Metroplex will likely add additional sections of downtown to the network in 2007.

Established in 1994, Logical Net is one of the largest privately held Internet Service Providers in the Northeastern United States. Logical Net has its corporate offices in downtown Schenectady. The company provides Internet access solutions from wireless, DSL, T1/T3 and fiber lines, managed hosting capabilities, managed applications such as business class email and e-commerce, and datacenter services.

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