Metroplex: New 200,000 Square Foot Building in Rotterdam

Joins List of 1.6 Million Square Feet of Development Underway or Recently Completed Projects in Schenectady County this Year

November 24, 2020

Schenectady, N.Y. — The Metroplex Board has approved a new 200,000 square foot building on a 13.5-acre site at the Rotterdam Corporate Park. Over 1.6 million square feet of Metroplex development projects are now underway in Schenectady County despite the challenging economic environment caused by the pandemic.

“Schenectady County’s economic development team continues to bring new investments to our community even during the pandemic,” said Anthony Jasenski, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature. “Creating jobs and adding to the tax base is more critical than ever due to the economic challenges we’re facing.”

The new logistics facility in Rotterdam represents an investment of more than $10 million by the Galesi Group, the Capital Region’s largest developer.

It joins a growing list of new projects recently completed or under construction in Schenectady County including:

• Rotterdam Corporate Park Building 9: new construction of 250,000 square feet of space now home to logistics facilities for national tenants FedEx and Home Depot.

• Glenville Business and Technology Park: 100,000 square feet new manufacturing plant for Bel Gioioso, a leading national specialty cheese company.

• Glenville Business and Technology Park: 100,000 square feet of new space built by the Galesi Group for Adirondack Beverages, a growing beverage company that has major operations in Schenectady County.

• ViaPort Rotterdam: renovation of 103,000 square foot facility for United Auto Supply.

• Mill Artisan District/Frog Alley Brewery: 140,000 square feet of new construction and renovation downtown.

• New Alltown Fresh Market on Erie Boulevard downtown – 4,000 square feet.

• Renovation of the former Gazette Press building on North Broadway downtown – 27,000 square feet.

• Demolition followed by new construction at 501 State Street downtown – 66,500 square feet.

• Renovation of the former OTB headquarters building on Clinton Street downtown – 16,500 square feet.

• Renovation of the building at the corner of Jay and Franklin streets downtown – 17,100 square feet.

• Renovation of the former Trustco headquarters on Erie Boulevard downtown – 67,000 square feet.

• 62,000 square feet of new construction and renovation work at Renaissance Square on Eastern Avenue.

• 104,000 square feet of construction at Yates Village on the city’s northside.

• 105,000 square feet of new construction on Albany Street in the Hamilton Hill neighborhood.

• Renovation of 1671 Union Street – 3,000 square feet.

• Renovation of 5th floor Center City for new tenant – 5,000 square feet.

• Retrofits to Legere Armory for television production – 90,000 square feet.

• Rivers Ledge Niskayuna – 150,000 square feet.

Ray Gillen, Chair of the Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority said, “We thank the Metroplex Board and staff, county officials, local leaders, investors, construction crews and local building inspectors for their efforts despite difficult circumstances. Together they helped us continue to build our economy during this unprecedented health crisis.”

Metroplex is a one-of-a-kind development agency in New York State funded by a portion of Schenectady County sales tax that is invested in capital projects that in turn build tax base and jobs. Metroplex is the single point of contact for investors in Schenectady County. It administers both the city and county IDAs, the Capital Region Land Bank, the Schenectady County Capital Resource Corporation and the Schenectady County Business Center.

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