Restaurant planned for last piece of Mill Lane project in downtown Schenectady

April 9, 2022

BY JOHN CROPLEY, The Daily Gazette

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Some protein is coming to the most carbohydrate-rich corner of Schenectady.

Owner/architect J.T. Pollard said the last vacant piece of the imposing Mill Lane Artisan District complex will gain a butcher shop as its tenant, and the historic brick building next door will host a restaurant, probably a steakhouse.

The large baking operation run by Bountiful Bread and the large Frog Alley brewery/taproom/distillery take up most of the lowest two levels of the 145,000-square-foot Mill Lane building. The small space at the west end of the building, as it tapers to a point where Mill Lane once ran, will be filled by the meat shop.

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