National Interlock Signs Lease

June 4, 2007

Schenectady, N.Y., June 4, 2007 – Schenectady County officials today announced that National Interlock Service (NIS) has signed a lease to occupy space at the Schenectady County Business Center.

The Business Center serves as Schenectady County’s business incubator. The new lease brings to eleven the number of companies that now occupy space at the Business Center.

Gary Hughes, Chair of the County Legislature’s Economic Development Committee said, “The Business Center is fulfilling it mission. We are leasing space and helping growing companies find a location in Schenectady County. This is an essential part of the economic development effort that is transforming our downtown and building smart growth business parks in surrounding Towns.” Hughes also serves as a member of the Board of Directors at the Business Center.

National Interlock Service is a leader in providing ignition interlock services. An ignition interlock is a device that is installed to prevent convicted drunk drivers from operating a vehicle if the driver has consumed any alcohol.

National Interlock Services (NIS) has been in business since 1995.   The company has operations in fifteen states. The new office will serve as New York State headquarters for the company.

Jay Van Sutphen, NIS Program Manager said, “We are happy to be located in Schenectady County and to be a part of the Schenectady revitalization effort.”

The company will lease office space at the Business Center that will be the company’s base of operations in Eastern New York.

The Schenectady County Business Center contains 25,000 square feet of space. Except for approximately 1,100 square feet of office space, the Business center is filled to capacity.

The Schenectady County Business Center offers manufacturing, distribution and office space for growing companies. The Business Center also helps entrepreneurs with small business financing, counseling and business plan development.

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