Schenectady County Scores Well in State Tourism Report

September 15, 2023

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Empire State Development released the annual “Economic Impact of Visitors in New York for 2022” this week. This is a well-respected industry report and its release is much anticipated each year by tourism professionals.

The results for Schenectady County are impressive.  We congratulate Discover Schenectady our extremely capable and productive tourism team.

The report showed that Schenectady County tourism spending was up 25.5% in 2022 — jumping to $387m from $309M in 2021.  We had the third highest increase in Capital Region after Washington County and Albany counties. The increase of 25.5% in Schenectady County exceeded Saratoga County’s increase of 24%.

Statewide tourism spending is now 107% of 2019 (pre-covid numbers).

Schenectady County is at 118% of 2019 numbers, surpassing the state average.  Total tourism spending in 2022 for Schenectady County — $387 million up from $328 million in 2019.

Finally, Schenectady County’s tourism sector accounted for nearly 7,000 jobs in 2022, a 12.4% share of all jobs in the County and an increase from 6,300 jobs in 2021.

To view the complete Capital-Saratoga report, click here.

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