Seven More Buildings in Downtown Schenectady Will See Facade Improvements

July 31, 2008

Schenectady, N.Y. – Metroplex and the Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corporation (DSIC) today announced that seven more properties in downtown Schenectady will be improved utilizing funding from the façade program operated by DSIC and funded by Metroplex. The seven projects represent a total private investment in downtown Schenectady of $1.13 million.

“These are seven more key properties that will benefit from a major facelift that will help us continue the rapid pace of redevelopment downtown,” said Ray Gillen, Chair of Metroplex.

Jim Salengo, Executive Director of DSIC, said, “Having seven more downtown Schenectady properties investing in façade improvements at the same time speaks volumes to the success of our matching grant program. It also underscores the momentum of progress that can be seen in all corners of our district.”

The seven properties include:

— 515 State Street. This building is located at the corner of State and Barrett Street. It is a major downtown façade with two corners facing the Proctors Block. The project will receive $60,000 in façade funding, which will be matched by $60,000 in private funds. The project involves new windows, doors and entryway, plus repainting and masonry repairs.

— 43 Washington Avenue. This project involves window repair, cornice repair, masonry repointing, ironwork, lighting and painting. This is a commercial building in the Stockade area near State Street. DSIC will provide a $30,000 façade grant to be matched by $30,000 in private funds. The façade funding is helping to leverage an additional private investment in the building of $450,000.

— 122-124 Jay Street. This is the new home of the “Pizza King” on the corner of Jay and Franklin Streets across from City Hall. The three-story building includes first floor retail space, second floor office space and third floor residential space. The renovation will include a new paint job and masonry and cornice repairs, as well as new doors, signage and lighting. The façade grant totals $52,000 to be matched by $52,000 in private funding. Total private investment in renovating this property is $300,000.

— 101 State Street. This is the Campbell House property on lower State Street. The project will receive $30,000 in façade funding to be matched by $30,000 in private funds. The building will benefit from repainting, cornice repair, wood repair and masonry repointing.

— 617 Union Street. This project will receive $30,000 in façade funds to be matched by $30,000. This is a key building on lower Union Street near the recently renovated Winedown Lounge. The building will receive new windows, a new front entry, new doors, masonry repairs, repointing, and new signage. The façade funding is leveraging an additional total investment in the building of $250,000.

— 160 Jay Street. This is the new home of Mohawk Valley Guitars. The project will benefit from a façade mini-grant of $2,000 for exterior improvements and signage.

— 26 North Broadway. Also known as the Swift Building, this building serves as headquarters for Capital Living and Rehabilitation Centers, which operates eight skilled nursing care facilities in New York State. The project involves a new paint job, new signage, masonry repointing, ironwork, new lighting and cornice repairs. The façade grant of $40,000 will be matched by private funding of $40,000.

Companies interested in learning more about the façade program are encouraged to call DSIC at 518-377-9430.

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