Capital Region Land Bank Eyes Demolition / Renovation of 34 Properties in Schenectady

City Council Approves Adding Properties to Cooperation Agreement

April 23, 2019

Schenectady, N.Y. — The Schenectady City Council last evening approved a new cooperation agreement that will allow the Land Bank to evaluate 34 properties in Schenectady for renovation or demolition.

“We are excited to continue work with the Land Bank to remove additional blighted buildings from our community,” said Mayor Gary McCarthy. “This is part of a comprehensive and focused effort on demolitions, renovations, and home sales that will continue to add value in our community by putting properties back on the tax rolls, while enhancing our efforts to strengthen neighborhoods. Last year, we sold a record number of city-owned properties and we look forward to continuing to build upon that progress.”

Richard Ruzzo, Chairman of the Capital Region Land Bank and a member of the Schenectady County Legislature said, “The Land Bank continues to assist and encourage the revitalization of our city neighborhoods with the help of our municipal partners. This next group of 34 properties has been assembled with input from our neighborhood leaders and continues to support the goal of fighting blight and boosting neighborhood development.  Our mission is to strengthen, revitalize and fortify our community by removing structures that deter our forward progress.”

The City, in cooperation with the Capital Region Land Bank, operated by Metroplex, has demolished almost 200 blighted buildings as part of an aggressive program to increase investment in City neighborhoods.  In recent years, Schenectady neighborhoods have been bolstered by over $200 million in new investment with more on the way.

The buildings covered by the expanded cooperation agreement include:

1052 Barrett Street

1062 Barrett Street

1101 Barrett Street

726 Bridge Street

815 Bridge Street

1023 Bridge Street

552 Crane Street

578 Crane Street

658 Crane Street

702 Crane Street

956 Crane Street

962 Crane Street

1002 Crane Street

760 Eastern Avenue

1012 Eastern Avenue

742 Eastern Avenue

1213 First Avenue

792 Francis Avenue

1520 Fifth Avenue

16 Jefferson Street

110 Prospect Street

1227 Sixth Avenue

1126 Sixth Avenue

1530 Third Avenue

1336 Eighth Avenue

1681 Van Vranken Avenue

1568 Van Vranken Avenue

602 Hattie Street

602 Orchard St.

938 Crane Street

933 Pleasant Street

10 Nott Terrace Heights

1066 Chrisler Street

746 Eastern Avenue

David Hogenkamp, Executive Director
Capital Region Land Bank
(716) 481-0891 cell

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