Schenectady rolled out the red carpet

August 27, 2019

THE DAILY GAZETTE – Letters to the Editor

44,000. That is how many people came to our downtown over the past two weeks to see Hamilton at Proctors. Not to mention the thousands who came for other events at Proctors or movies at Bow Tie or the thousands who came to Mohawk Harbor.

Hamilton made them happy.

So did organized parking done by LAZ; welcoming knowledgeable ambassadors organized by our City Mission; fabulous food by our many restaurants and pubs, security and emergency response by our police and firefighters; clean and beautified streets managed by our city and our Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corporation; a beautifully lit Jay Street and buildings and bridges and all the development that Metroplex makes possible; and hundreds of people who tirelessly volunteer to usher, greet, feed, bartend and basically make Proctors work for its audience and its theatrical guests.

Schenectady has become a visitor place, and based on the results of the past weeks, we do a fabulous job.

Thank you to every person and every business that helped make us all look so good.

Philip Morris
The writer is CEO of Proctors.

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