Vacant Buildings on Albany Street to be Demolished

Blight Removal Adds to Redevelopment Momentum

August 22, 2019

Schenectady, N.Y. – The Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority and The Community Builders (TCB) today announced plans to demolish three vacant buildings on Albany Street and dispose of a tractor trailer on site that is filled with hundreds of used tires.

The demolitions include 749, 759 and 763 Albany Street. All three buildings negatively impact the Albany Street corridor and Hamilton Hill neighborhood and detract from ongoing revitalization efforts.

“Getting rid of these eyesores will make way for more redevelopment to occur on Albany Street. We are pleased to work with TCB to rid the neighborhood of these blighted structures and the tires,” said Ray Gillen, Metroplex Chair.

Jennica Petrik-Huff of The Community Builders said, “The demolition of these three structures is across the street from where we will start construction of our mid-rise building later this fall. This coordinated effort by city, county and state will help to ensure a safe and healthy entrance into the Hamilton Hill neighborhood and future economic development opportunities.”

After the three blighted buildings are removed, a local business that has been in the neighborhood since 1928, Chas G. Burch Supply Company, will buy the vacant lot for parking and possible future expansion.

Metroplex won a Restore NY grant of $20,000 that will be applied to demolition costs.  Metroplex will provide a grant of $85,000 to help pay for demolition and tire disposal costs.

This latest project is part of a focused effort to help revitalize the Albany Street corridor. Other recent investments include the demolition of several buildings on Albany Street, the demolition and clean-up of buildings at the corner of Albany and Craig Street, the $10 million renovation of Summit Towers, the construction of the $18 million Joseph Allen Apartments, the $21 million Hillside View project and the $40 million Hillside Crossings Project, which will get underway later this year.

749 Albany Street
759 Albany Street
763 Albany Street

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