Schenectady County Capital Resource Corporation

The Schenectady County Capital Resource Corporation (CRC) was created by the Schenectady County Legislature to increase economic development and promote the creation of jobs by increasing access to low-interest, tax-exempt and non-tax-exempt financing for non-profit institutions. The CRC will undertake projects and activities within the County for the purpose of relieving and reducing unemployment, bettering and maintaining job opportunities, carrying on scientific research for the purpose of attracting new industry, or retaining industry, to the County, and lessening the burdens of government and acting in the public interest.

Mission Statement (March 2019)

Enabling Statute (July 2010)

By-laws (October 2010)

Code of Ethics (October 2010)


Organization Chart

Board Members


2019 Performance Goals (March 2019)

2018 Performance Goals (March 2018)

2018 Performance Results (March 2019)

2017 Performance Results (March 2018)


Schedule of Debt (12/31/18)

Schedule of Debt (12/31/17)


Board Meeting Schedule

Board Meeting Notices

Board Meeting Agendas

Board Meeting Minutes


Budget Report for Fiscal Year Ending 12-31-2019

Budget Report for Fiscal Year Ending 12-31-2018


2018 Independent Certified Financial Audit (March 2019)

2017 Independent Certified Financial Audit (March 2018)

2018 Independent Auditor’s Report on Internal Control (March 2019)

2017 Independent Auditor’s Report on Internal Control (March 2018)

2018 Independent Audit Management Letter (March 2019)

2017 Independent Audit Management Letter (March 2018)


Uniform Tax Exemption Policy (March 2013)


Real Property Disposition Policy (reauthorized March 2019)

2018 Real Property Report (March 2019)

2017 Real Property Report (March 2018)


Procurement Policy (reauthorized March 2019)

2018 Procurement Report (March 2019)

2017 Procurement Report (March 2018)


Investment Policy (reauthorized March 2019)

2018 Investment Report (March 2019)

2017 Investment Report (March 2018)


Whistleblower Policy (March 2019)