Discover Schenectady Kicks Off Schenectady’s New Ale Trail and Unveiled Digital Passport

Six of Schenectady’s Best Breweries to Participate

November 29, 2018

Schenectady, N.Y. – Discover Schenectady County and six of the region’s hottest breweries located within Schenectady County were on hand at the Centre Street Pub on Monday, November 26, for an unveiling of a Digital Passport available to craft beer fans interested in experiencing the different tastes each has to offer. This event officially kicked off The Schenectady Ale Trail.

This exciting kick off event played host to Frog Alley Brewery, Wolf Hollow Brewery, Great Flats Brewery, Mad Jack Brewery, and Druthers Brewery. Back Barn Brewery will also be participating once open in early 2019.

New York State as a whole has a record number of breweries due to the recent spike in applications after Governor Cuomo’s first Wine, Beer and Spirits Summit in 2012. The collaboration among these breweries for Schenectady’s Ale Trail highlights Schenectady as a hub for craft brew enthusiasts. Just one year ago, Schenectady County was the home to only three breweries, and within that time, the total has doubled.

“Craft beer has really become so much more than a beverage for beer enthusiasts,” said Cathy Gatta, Schenectady County Legislator and Chair of the County’s Tourism Committee. “The existence of these breweries in our county draws people to the area, increasing tourism, and the economic impact of the region. We’ve already begun to see this impact just in the last year since we’ve gained more breweries.”

“We are very excited for this initiative that reaches across Schenectady County,” said Becky Daniels, Executive Director, Discover Schenectady. “The Schenectady Ale Trail Passport is such a wonderful example of collaboration among local businesses and we are so proud to see this come to life. The Holiday season serves as the best backdrop because the Passports can make a great gift for the beer enthusiast on your shopping list.”

Fun Brewing Facts:
– Wolf Hollow Brewery has 7 barrels which produces 1,000 barrels a year. They have 12 employees.
– Mad Jack Brewery utilizes a 10-barrel facility, and produces 600-700 barrels per year. They have 32 employees.
– Great Flats Brewery uses a 7-barrel system to produce 250 barrels per year, and has 2 part-time employees.
– Frog Alley Brewery has a 3.5- and 17-barrel system and has the capacity to produce 14,000 barrels per year, although projections are for 6,000 in the first year. They have 5 employees.
– Druthers has a 10-barrel system and produces 1,000 barrels per year. They have 65 employees.
– Back Barn Brewery has 7 barrels, and will begin production in early 2019 with approximately 650 barrels to start. They currently have 5 employees.
– One barrel equals 250 pints of cold, fresh, craft brew.

The Passport, available for purchase at $40 each, and available online only at, will enable the user to visit each of the participating breweries to enjoy a flight of beer.

About Discover Schenectady
Discover Schenectady is a non-profit organization responsible for promoting travel, tourism, conference and convention assets and opportunities in Schenectady County. Discover Schenectady County’s board and staff work collaboratively with businesses, destinations, County and local government to attract visitors to the region and experience everything that Schenectady County has to offer. For more ways to Discover Schenectady County all year long, visit

Becky Daniels, Executive Director, Discover Schenectady

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