August 8, 2005

Schenectady, N.Y. — City and County officials today joined with Metroplex to announce that Tailwind Associates, a fast growing software and information technology company,   will move its corporate headquarters to Schenectady County bringing 70 jobs to the Erie – Edison Tech Corridor in downtown Schenectady.

Susan E. Savage, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature said, “Schenectady County is proud that our rapid pace of development has caught a ‘tailwind’ with today’s announcement that this technology company will join the growing number of Tech Valley firms that want to call Schenectady County home.”

Mayor Brian U. Stratton said, “This good news builds upon our efforts to develop Erie Boulevard as a corridor for technology companies. Coming on the heels of news from Senators Schumer and Clinton that Schenectady’s Erie-Edison Tech Corridor has received an additional $2 million in federal funding, today’s announcement shows that Schenectady is creating an attractive downtown location for tech companies and their employees.”

Tailwind was recently ranked by the Capital District Business Review as the 5th largest software company and the 17th largest technology company in the Capital Region.

The company currently has offices in Amsterdam and in downtown Albany. Both offices will close and the company will relocate to downtown Schenectady.

Tailwind Associates will occupy 1462 Erie Boulevard, the former Finserv Building.

Robert Quick, President and CEO of Tailwind Associates said, “Schenectady offers us a great location to service our technology customers. Downtown is looking great and we are excited about joining in the resurgence that is currently underway throughout downtown and in the rest of the County.”

Robert T. Farley, Minority Leader of the Schenectady County Legislature said, “This is an exciting announcement for Schenectady’s future. Tailwind Software, with its 70 dedicated employees and 21st century product is the type of growth business that our community needs. Schenectady has a strong tradition of fostering and developing cutting edge, high tech businesses. Today’s announcement only furthers that tradition and continues the reputation of Erie Blvd as the ever developing tech corridor of our region.”

City Council President Mark W. Blanchfield said, ‘I am so pleased that Tailwind has decided to bring their business and fresh outlook to Schenectady’s emerging business hot spot, the Erie Boulevard corridor. They are certain to enjoy the kind of synergy that has already made this area a home for a host of cutting-edge businesses.”

Metroplex will provide a $35,000 relocation grant and a $50,000 loan at 3% for a ten year term in return for the company’s commitment to invest and create jobs in Schenectady.

Ray Gillen, Metroplex Chair and Commissioner of Economic Development and Planning in Schenectady County said, “Tailwind and its employees represent exactly the type of high technology, high wage jobs we are trying to attract to our community. We appreciate their investment and their confidence in what we are trying to do to make downtown Schenectady a vibrant technology and entertainment corridor.”

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