August 17, 2005

Schenectady, N.Y. — Metroplex today joined with City and County officials to announce that Williams Scotsman Inc. will build a 7,000 square foot facility at the site of the former Campbell Plastics Plant in Schenectady creating ten new jobs.   In addition, the sale of the property by the County IDA, which is administered by Metroplex, will net $500,000 for City and County taxpayers.

Williams Scotsman Inc. is the largest provider of modular building solutions in the United States. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the company has been in business for fifty years and is a leader in providing modular space for corporate, health care, educational and government users. The new Schenectady plant will assemble, maintain, refurbish and distribute modular buildings.

Susan E. Savage, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature said, “Now that the City, County, Metroplex, and the City and County IDA’s are all part of a seamless economic development team, we are seeing results like this almost every week.   This is a smart growth project which utilizes existing space for new business and nets the County $160,000 from the sale of this property.”

Mayor Brian U. Stratton said, “We welcome Williams Scotsman to Schenectady. This project brings a well-known national company to our community. We also welcome the news that the sale of this site will net the City $340,000. This project moves both our aggressive economic development and financial reform efforts forward.”

Mr. Robert Iovinella of GO Ahead Realty LLC is purchasing the Campbell Plastics site. He has signed a lease with Williams Scotsman Inc. to build a facility at the site that will service modular office customers in Eastern New York and New England.

County Legislator and IDA Board Member Gary Hughes said, “This announcement should be especially satisfying because it truly symbolizes our worst to first economic development effort. Under the old IDA administration, the Campbell Plastics site was an environmental and economic disaster area; today it is contributing tax revenue the City, the County and our school districts, and is now home to a new employer creating more jobs in our community.”

Mark W. Blanchfield, President of the Schenectady City Council said, “This is wonderful news which draws to a close a difficult chapter. It would have been easy to give up on this site, but by working together to bring in Williams Scotsman, we are truly making good things happen for both the City and County.”

Ray Gillen, Chairman of Metroplex which administers the County IDA said, “We are excited about plans to redevelop a new mixed use development at the former Campbell Plastics site.   Our smart growth plan calls for revitalizing sites like this and re-using them in ways that benefit Schenectady County by generating both new jobs and new revenues.”

Development of the site will begin almost immediately. Williams Scotsman will relocate from its current facility in Waterford to Schenectady when construction of the new facility is complete.

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